How to pick the right wedding photographer!


You’re engaged! This is such an exciting time for the both of you. You’ve called all of your relatives, Face-timed your out of town friends, and changed your status on Facebook from “dating” to “engaged”…now it’s time to get down to business. Venue, dress, and photographer are generally the first three things that brides tick off of their wedding planning list. These are three of the most important factors on your wedding day because they are all time-sensitive. Most venues and photographers book out services anywhere from 6-14 months in advance! So there is certainly a sense of urgency to make your decision quickly. With these things in mind, in a sea of incredibly talented photographers, how do you know who to choose? There are three main questions that you can ask yourself when considering who to hire as your wedding photographer!

  1. Do you like the images on their website and social media, and is their work consistent? This probably seems like an obvious questions to ask, but photography is an exceptionally stylistic and creative business. Every photographer has their own, unique style that is reflected on their site and within their social media. Different styles include: light & airy, dark & moody, traditional, photojournalistic, modern…etc. Ask yourself which style you are drawn to the most and then check to see if the photographer reflects this style consistently through their website and social media! Consistence is key here! You want to make sure they will produce the same caliber of images reflected in their online presence, on your wedding day.
  2. Do you like them as a person? You will arguably spend the greater part of your wedding day with your wedding photographer, so you can imagine how important it is that you enjoy them as a person! Nothing could be worse then spending the happiest day of your life with a photographer that doesn’t jive with the both of you.
  3. Do your values align? I value the power of storytelling and this is hugely reflected in my photojournalistic, non-traditional style of wedding photography. I don’t use studio lighting, nor do I ask my clients to stand in stiff, editorial poses. This is because I value telling the story of my client’s wedding day rather than creating scenes out of a magazine. Because of this I’m extremely involved in the planning of the wedding day timeline, and love sending my clients helpful tips along the way! There are however, photographers who place huge value on studio lighting, photoshop, and creating editorial images that could grace the covers of Vogue. There are also some photographers who prefer a very hands-off approach with their clients. They show up to do their job on the wedding day and look at it simply as a business transaction. There is truly no right or wrong choice here, just preference! Do you value the story of your wedding day unfolding authentically through images with a photographer who helps you along the way? Do you value traditional wedding photography with a more hands-off photographer? Do you value high-end, editorial, posed images that make your wedding day look edgy and awesome? If you value what your photographer values then you’ll be happy with your final images!

At this point you’ve examined the photographer’s website and social media content, you have a good idea whether or not your personalities jive, it’s clear that your values align, so the final question you have to ask yourself is whether or not they are the photographer for you! I hope that this gives you a better idea for what to consider when choosing your wedding photographer!

  • Kate Sutton - I’m so happy I found an amazing photographer to tell the story of my day. Can’t wait for you to be a part of our day! Also, number two? I dont like you…I love you! Wonderful post as always.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Ludwig - You hit the nail on the head. Each of these 3 points is extremely important! Picking the right photographer to capture your day is KEY!ReplyCancel

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