How to choose the perfect engagement session location!


Your engagement session is an exceptionally exciting step in the wedding planning process! It means things are moving forward, perhaps save the dates are being sent out, and maybe it’s even your first time having professional pictures taken as a couple! I want this to be a day you look back on and remember. Remember the excitement you felt, the young love you had, and the fun you shared as you took photos to celebrate it all! An engagement session serves as both a special and practical part in the wedding planning process, and you can read more about my thoughts on that here and here! But today I want to cover a popular question my couples ask every time! How do we pick a location? Well, I’m glad that you asked because there are so many options and so many beautiful places for an engagement session in the greater Sacramento area! Choosing the right location for your engagement session will certainly set the tone for your final images!

Before you choose the location for your session, you must first ask yourself what it is you want to do with the images!

  1. Do you want them up in your home? Consider choosing outfits and a location that accommodates your home decor in terms of color and style.
  2. Do you want them on display at your wedding? The same applies here for accommodating both the color and style of your wedding.
  3. Do you want an album for guests to sign-in at your wedding?
  4. Do you want a personal album for your coffee table?


Now that you know what you’ll be using the images for, let’s talk about what you need to know about picking out the exact location! The tone for your images greatly depends on the time of year your engagement session is taking place and what the surrounding environment looks like! So, if you want bright, lush greenery then you’ll want to do your session in the Spring time. If you prefer warmer tones where the environment has a more desert vibe then you’ll want to do your session in the Summer time. If you prefer a moody, overcast look to your images then you’ll want to take advantage of the Winter months. And finally, if you want cozy images where you can layer your clothing and catch the leaves changing colors, you’ll want to opt for a session during Autumn!

Do keep in mind that with greenery sometimes comes a green color-cast on your skin tones. For this reason, I love locations like Folsom Lake or Midtown Sacramento that provide a variety of colors and backdrops. When I can use natural reflectors like a white building or a dirt path, the colors of your skin will come out looking much more natural than if we were to stand in the middle of grass covered by trees (say no to recreational parks ;)). The bottom line is this, decide what you plan to do with your images and then choose a location that will best accommodate your vision for the final images!

 Here’s a small list to get you thinking about location ideas: the location of your first date, where you got engaged, where you shared your first kiss, a place you like to picnic, your home (I love in-home sessions!!), your favorite winery, somewhere outdoors in nature with trees and greenery, urban settings near a coffee shop and cute homes in midtown, a plant and flower nursery, somewhere near the water i.e. the River, Folsom Lake or Lake Natoma, location with a view (think near Auburn)…hopefully this gives you a starting point, but I will absolutely help you finalize your decision when the time comes!

*For destination location ideas send me an email and we’ll chat!

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