Finding balance during the Holidays Pt. 1


The approaching Holiday season often brings with it the burden of collecting clutter. Between gift exchanges, Holiday parties, more layers of clothing, and sales at the mall, I typically find myself adding more chaos to the already mess in my house. Well this year I’m hoping for a different approach to the Holidays. I’m aiming for minimalism! I want to purge the mess before it begins, and create a systemized way for maintaining balance in my life. A free spirit’s dream, right? ;) Stick with me.

The end of the year is our season finale as photographers, it’s the wrap up of our wedding seasons, the marathon day mini sessions, the last minute family portrait requests, and the scramble to edit it all before the Holidays begin so we can enjoy them too. This, mixed with the clutter above has me feeling all sorts of ready for balance and peace in my personal life.

So what is the solution? Why the picture of my wardrobe? How can we create balance and peace in our homes when it feels like everything around us won’t stop moving? Since I love organization so much I’ve decided to create a 3-part series this week on how I’ll be maintaining balance in our home during the crazy Holiday season! Come back tomorrow and Wednesday for Part’s Two and Three!

In the meantime, prepare yourself for some mind-blowing systems that are sure to be life-changing.

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