Wally Cottage: Autumn Home Decor



When we first moved into Wally Cottage I could not WAIT for Fall to arrive because that meant I could decorate our first home for the cozy season! I finally had a mantle and all I pictured were the many different seasons that mantle would see. Gourds in the Fall, garland in the Winter, bright flowers in the Spring…you know, the usual mantle things.

In true Sacramento fashion, the 90 degree weather stuck around far too long. So… though our cottage was cozy, the throws and fuzzy pillows had yet to make their way to the couch, because it was just too hot. Well folks, there has indeed been a dip in the weather, I’ve started burning all of the delicious Autumn scents I can get my hands on, I’ve pulled out the cinnamon pinecones, added fur pillows to the couch, and the time has come for a cozy Autumn decor tour of Wally Cottage.

We’ll start in the living room…


Every couch needs a pile of pillows, preferably furry ones, and a good throw to cuddle with at night.

fall-home-decor-photo_0006 fall-home-decor-photo_0001

When it comes to seasonal decor, I try and stay clear of cheesy. I mean we all love a good scarecrow and the occasional fake leaf garland (those always bring me back to childhood), but I decided to tone down some of the cheese this year and stick to what I know. I know piles of gourds make me happy and cinnamon pinecones smell like heaven… so I went to Trader Joe’s, piled as many beautiful gourds as I could bare to push in my cart and had a plan in mind. The lady at the register asked if I was creating a display somewhere, I simply replied, “Of sorts…my husband and I just bought our first home and it has a mantle…so I need gourds.” I don’t think she got it. But that’s okay because my gourdy mantle is a pile of HAPPY that brings me joy everyday. It was even featured on West Elm’s instagram account sooo that was a bit of a fangirl moment for me.

fall-home-decor-photo-009--2 fall-home-decor-photo_0012

Since I spend so much time in my home office, I couldn’t neglect Fall time in there. Most work days I pop on a podcast, burn my favorite Bath & Body Works candle, Autumn, open the window to let the fresh air blow in, and get to work.

fall-home-decor-photo_0013 fall-home-decor-photo_0014 fall-home-decor-photo_0015 fall-home-decor-photo_0016

Can’t forget to make the workspace cozy, too!

fall-home-decor-photo_0017 fall-home-decor-photo_0018

I hope you enjoyed this Autumnal home decor tour of Wally Cottage. Making our house into a home is something that I love doing. I’m constantly looking for ways to warm up the space and create a place where friends and family can feel at-home, and welcome!

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