Ancil Hoffman Park Maternity, Sacramento CA, Brittany & Dustin


This was a really special shoot for me because Britt is my cousin! Growing up together, watching her go from a little girl playing hide-and-go-seek around Nana’s house, to a soon-to-be-Mama is just incredible to me. Baby Avery Nicole (I have a namesake! what!) is joining one wild and crazy family and she couldn’t be more loved already.

We spent so much of our childhood down by the river together, wandering the paths below our grandparent’s cliff-side house. And this night we were able to wander around those same paths near the river for her maternity pictures! A little bit older, but still kids at heart.

I’m so proud of you, Britt. Avery is a gift straight from Jesus and I pray that you seek Him for guidance, and hope as you navigate mommy-hood. I can’t wait to hold your baby girl and give her all the love in the world!

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