Ancil Hoffman Park Engagement, Sacramento CA, Sam and Michelle


Sam and Michelle are the sweetest couple. Michelle has the most energetic spirit, and that hair… just gorgeous! And Sam, he was down to do whatever crazy things I had in mind. I was so thrilled when these two chose to have their engagement pictures at Ancil Hoffman Park, near the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. There’s nothing quite like an evening down by the river, exploring the beautiful trails and enjoying the company of two people in love. Her gorgeous, purple lace dress stole the show adding a beautiful pop of color to their images!

Luckily this session was free of dangerous wildlife, unlike some of my past sessions on these trails ;). We were however, fortunate enough to see a family of deer on our way out. Something that I’ll never tire of experiencing.

I am so excited for their wedding at The West Shore Cafe in Homewood next month!

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The cute, family of deer we saw while walking back to our cars. Just beautiful! :)


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