24 Hours in NYC, Part One


We were lucky enough to spend 24 hours in one of the most exciting, beautiful, and well-known cities in the world last week, New York City..and it was everything that I hoped it would be. I’m already planning our next trip back ;) (who knows when, but it’s bound to happen). My Uncle was gracious enough to secure a hotel for us right smack in the middle of Times Square, on the 43rd floor so it’s fair to say we had a room with a view, and felt a bit spoiled. The energy of the city and the calm of Central Park are two things that I won’t forget. Below are a smattering of my favorite photos from our short time in what is now one of my favorite cities!


We’re huge Tonight Show fans…so we were pretty excited to find Jimmy Fallon’s street-side entrance to the show! Oh, and that would be Jeff taking a selfie right in front…and I didn’t notice he was there until after I took that picture. :)

new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-5 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-8

When we started walking through Central Park, we noticed these huge rocks that it seemed crowds were climbing up and down on, so we decided to walk over and figure out what they were doing. We were shocked to find this incredible view on the other side of those rocks. We planted ourselves down, basked in the sun and enjoyed the view for quite a while…this was one of my favorite parts of our day. A young couple even got engaged when we were up on the rocks, it was the sweetest.


new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-14 new-york-city-photo_0050

I’m pretty positive the image below is one of many parts in Central Park that appears in a lot of rom-coms…and it’s in the Santa Clause! Walking through out these paths in Central Park was the highlight of our trip. It was a beautiful day out and exactly what you would imagine a stroll through Central Park might be. Renting bikes next time, for sure!

new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-17 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-18 new-york-city-photo_0051 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-9 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-21 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-24 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-25 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-26

The last part of our evening was spent at The Top of The Rock, which is a building at the top of Rockefeller Center with the best view of the city. We stayed up there through sunset so we could see the city lit up at night and it proved to be just as stunning as we’d hoped.

new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-31 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-34

There was a double rainbow coming out of the city when we reached the Top of the Rock, it was beautiful!

new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-55 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-30 new-york-city-photo_0052 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-42 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-43 new-york-freelance-photographer-photo-44

Check back for Part Two, coming on Wednesday this week! :)

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  • Ashley - These pictures are gorgeous! I’ve still never been to NYC, and now I want to go even more!ReplyCancel

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  • Heather Nelson - New York is magical, and you captured it so well! Your photos bring back so many memories of our travels there, and they make me want to book our next trip! Well done!ReplyCancel

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