2014 Year in Review


Almost one year to the day, I wrote out some loose goals for the year of 2014, the overriding theme of those goals was to be more intentional in both my personal and business life. Often times I’ll outline goals for a New Year, only to look back and discover I didn’t accomplish any of them, or completely forgot I ever made them in the first place. Well, this last year I can confidently say I lived 2014 with the word intentional at the forefront of my mind most days. 2014 will forever be marked as the year I went full time with Nicole Dianne Photography. It’s incredible how much I’ve learned both about myself and about running a business this last year. I’ve learned more about patience than I’d ever cared to know ;). I’ve learned that although working from home means showering after 3pm & wearing yoga pants most days, it also means more hours alone than I like & daily computer-screen induced headaches. I’ve learned to give and not expect in return. I’ve learned that office hours are necessary and important. I’ve learned that I truly can’t do this on my own, but only with the help and grace of Jesus.

To all of my amazing, funny, incredible, hilarious, beautiful clients: Y’all are my people! YOU made this business possible. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be slingin’ coffee at your local Starbucks. Though I made a mean vanilla latte, I much prefer designing your wedding album. Thank you for trusting me to document your 2014 memories. No truer words have been spoken, I couldn’t do this with out you. I have the best of memories from each and every session this past year. You may or may not forget me someday, but I will truly never forget you. YOU made 2014 the year I went full-time. YOU made my dream come true in 2014, and for that I can never say thank you enough. I hope I have the pleasure of documenting more memories for you in the coming years, and whether or not that happens….let’s at least grab some coffee :) xo

christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0029 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0071 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0072 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0040 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0063 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0032 CA0A8691 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0044

One of the funniest cake smashes from this season ….. notice the groom, stage right ;)

christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0039 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0052 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0024 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0051 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0066 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0076

During the father-daughter dance, Lindsey chose to surprise her dad with a compilation of home-videos from when Lindsey was a little girl…. I, along with every other guest was a puddle by the end ;).

christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0058 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0041

This was my absolute favorite toss-exit item! Jill & David chose to use eco-friendly confetti that was filled with seeds. Instead of causing more waist in the environment, their confetti will sprout into little flowers this Spring!

christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0061 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0056 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0048 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0073 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0045 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0074 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0075

christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0030 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0042 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0031 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0037 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0065 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0064 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0047 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0059 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0023 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0053 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0034 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0028 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0060 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0070 CA0A9685 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0050 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0046 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0043

And some personal pictures to finish out the year! :)

christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0027 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0078 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0055 christmas-decor-nicole-dianne-photography_0077

  • Teresa K - Congratulations on your leap of faith into photography full-time. You have an inherent talent and wonderful gift that shows in your images. 2014 was a good year and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for Nicole Dianne photography!!ReplyCancel

  • Liz - Your work is so light & airy – absolutely beautiful Nicole. And it’s so fun to see our pictures up there! I forgot that was just last year; it feels like a lifetime ago!ReplyCancel

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